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Important Note......
UPDATE September 16 2021 - we tried but no feedback, this site will have to close down, along with all other 12 main sites, within 3 weeks - such a shame but needs must, costs have risen in the past 12 months

This site has been running for 21 years, one of the longest running websites of its kind on the Internet - due to finances and time constraints I may now have to pull the plug on this site and my other related websites by the end of February 2021.

In order to maintain the site I would need for example, 20 subscribers paying 10 bucks per year or 50 subscribers paying 4 bucks a year - not much on the face of it!

I have never asked anyone to contribute in all the years I have run this site, but times they are a'changing as they say - fingers x


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A must see video clip - Credo Mutwa, African Shaman, seeker of truth and philosopher gives 'off the cuff' awe inspiring appeal to Humanity for an appeal to Africa and the global truth for humanity

NEW...August 2010 - 'Hall of Records' Egypt, an explanation of how access to the location of the HOR was offered and considered by Egyptian authorities in 1998 - In memory of my two co-researchers Jim Wilkie and Dr Jan Merta

It is with much sadness that I report the passing of one of our main researchers and originators of the Ambilac organisation, that of Dr Jan Merta, who passed away on the Tuesday August 17th 2010 after a short illness. Jan had recently retired from Canada to move back to his home in the Czech Republic.
Jan will be sorely missed not only by his family but by mankind in general, as Jan was a globally respected man with forward thinking and achievements in many areas.
It is not everyday that someone can say they are mentioned in 18 whose who books!

Dr Jan Merta


In memory of all those stalwart pioneers in the hey days of Solar anomaly research - please start the journey here - NEW additional member passes on - 2010

NEW! October 2009 The old SO-OH Strange CD is back - weird and bizarre solar events captured on NASA's SOHO satellites - Check it out!

Archaeological and Egyptological discoveries and research of our ancient origins

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Watch the Interview with Howard and the Coptologist Dr. Gawdat Gabra


May 2009 - A new article by James Wilkie of Ambilac - The Fifth Root Race - The next phase in our DNA development and the approach of 'Zero Point'. Key words - Pyramids, Solar system, Genesis, Jupiter, Sirius Cain and Abel. Opens as a PDF file

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Pyramid cam live from Cairo

The ongoing quest in the desert research continues - see below


Ambilac Coptic research

Wadi el-Rayan project

 Archaeological and Egyptological discoveries - our ancient origins revealed

Sunshine Project International - Abandoned, orphaned and Needy Children in Egypt

Latest Egyptology news c/o Andie UC London UK

Archaeology news - updated daily

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Ambilac Publications - Giza Genesis The Best Kept Secrets- Books and DVD's

For an overview of the Giza Genesis trilogy click here

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Meditating in Great Pyramid - Pic by Jadie

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Is now up and running
Ever wondered what IS in all our past 26 articles written over 8 years? Wonder no more - a textual overview, or blurb as some call it, of each article with short excerpts has been set up.  
Link below
Also, soon to be be available, our original CD-ROM's, which covers all the original material -  including imaging and short videos. 

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Rough guide to all Ambilac articles




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