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Recording of an acoustic experiment conducted in the Kings Chamber in the 1970's


Jan in the Kings Chamber prior to recording in 1970's

During the mid 1970’s one of our Ambilac partners, Dr Jan Merta, spent some time in Egypt, researching the intricacies of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Jan spent many hours in the pyramid of Khufu, at a time when one could freely carry out observations and conduct basic experiments with no hindrance.


One of the experiments conducted was audio based to ascertain whether the internal wall of the Kings chamber, constructed of granite blocks, possessed certain qualities, and to see how closely knitted the joints were made between each block.


As you can hear from the 12- minute demonstration there was no alteration in pitch or frequency, thus determining that the acoustic frequency was at one pitch and at one level. Since work has been carried out in that chamber over recent years, the frequency has altered and thereby in turn may have altered the original purpose of the chamber.


The experiment was conducted by wrapping cloth around a large wooden paddle and subsequently striking each granite block in turn. You will be amazed by the heavy sound that resonates all around the chamber, which seems to reverberate right through the listener. The voice you will hear is that of Jan’s who references each section of block at each level.


This was a unique opportunity at the right time no other such experiment/observation to our knowledge has been carried out.



Ambilac offer this CD towards our search for the truth, whatever it may be!


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