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links and information for the Jeff Rense show: - The latest discoveries in the Great Pyramid of Khufu

This page and the show is dedicated in memory of my co-researchers; Jim Wilkie, Dr Jan Merta and Peter Tomkins

Link here for photographs of the Giza Plateau Pyramid Necropolis and many other sites in Egypt (Photographs all taken by myself over 20 years of visits)

Recently, utilising the latest scanning techniques, a team have reportedly discovered a 'void' in the Great Pyramid of Khufu on Giza Plateau.

The 'void' appears to be over the Grand gallery, a location that Jim Wilkie proposed back in 1998 for the location of a chamber. Jim, and Dr Jan Merta, also proposed in the 1990's there was a major chamber below the pyramid itself.

All of these conclusions were published in 2000 in our two Volume books, 'Giza Genesis, The Best Kept Secrets'

The 'void' as they call it, therefore is no surprise to us!

Giza Genesis Book 1

Giza Genesis Book 2

A report of the recent findings in the pyramid of Khufu with location illustrations

In the meantime, the infamous Zahi Hawass, who has been Hell-bent on discovering such anomalies, including for many years the so called 'Hall of Records' below Khufu (see more below) takes a different tact - as can be read in this article below - quote 'Egypt's former minister of antiquities contradicts an announcement by archaeologists earlier this week claiming that a new discovery had been made in Giza.' Unquote

Hawass slams 'new' Pyramid findings

First meetings with Hawass 1988

In 1988, Jim Wilkie my co-author (RIP) of Giza Genesis, met with Hawass on the Giza Plateau - Hawass then was director of the Giza Pyramid plateau site - After Jim put forward his ideas of the possible location of a large chamber below the pyramid (and near the Grand gallery!) Hawass was eager to take this opportunity (as is his want) and gave Jim full reign of the plateau for a week.

This resulted in the December of 1998, of Jim sending a fax to Hawass explaining how to actually access the location they discussed, (You can read the full fax in the Hall of Records below).
Unfortunately, Hawass did not follow the advice given and started to dig in other areas, such as the Kings Chamber. Thus not only making it difficult to access the chamber above the grand gallery but upsetting the whole balance of the chamber's frequency (see link to Dr Jan Merta and the Kings Chamber.

The Hall of Records and the fax to Hawass

In the link above, The Hall OF Records, at the bottom of the article is a link to Chapter 6 where you can read how the girdle stones are released in the grand gallery to access the main chamber - bear in mind this was originally written in 1998, and published in 2000

Dr Jan Merta in the Kings Chamber - frequency sounds 1970's

This is not the first time that researchers have discovered what they thought were 'cavities' in the Great Pyramid. In 1987 a team of Japanese experts believed that they had found previously undetected cavities inside the Pyramids, further challenging the long-held belief that the Great Pyramid is filled mostly with stones.

In addition, in 1986, a team of French researchers also found what they believed were three cavities in the Pyramid of Cheops. But after drilling holes through an interior wall, the scientists suspended their explorations because the effort turned up only sand! But if you read the chapter 6 article, you will discover why the sand is there.

See the L.A. Times link below

Reference to L.A. Times September 28 1987

So, what is actually in this 'mysterious void'? and why is Hawass objecting to the discovery? is it because he knows what is in there, or is it a case of 'sour eggs', being beaten to the post?

And, why now is this information being brought into the public domain, when possibly the authorities knew of this discovery some time ago.

Some important and influential people are involved here, and many who investigate too deeply, find themselves being either ridiculed, or worse!

A record number of discoveries in Egypt have been coming out in 2017, and coincidentally, one may say, just when Egypt is receiving record low tourist numbers....

Hopefully, we can discuss the reasons why and the what shortly....

A copy of the L.A. Times article on the drilling in the Great Pyramid:

Science/Medicine : Japanese Find New Cavities in Cheops Pyramid
September 28, 1987 From Reuters

GIZA, Egypt — Japanese experts believe that they have found previously undetected cavities inside the 4,600-year-old Pyramid of Cheops, a possible discovery that would further challenge the long-held belief that the Great Pyramid is filled mostly with stones.

"We believe the pyramid has more space than people think," team leader Sakuji Yoshimura said. "If we can prove it, that means the pyramid is not made up of millions of stones but only around 200,000 blocks."

In 1986, a team of French researchers also found what they believed were three cavities in the Pyramid of Cheops. But after drilling holes through an interior wall, the scientists suspended their explorations because the effort turned up only sand--instead of Pharaonic treasures.

The Great Pyramid is one of three big pyramids at Giza near Cairo, believed to be tombs of three Pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

The Osiris Programme

Volume 1 - 2001. Chapter 4.


The hidden chamber, as we will explain in detail, is accessed through an opening in the Grand Gallery, from where an access point, under a thin rock located in the floor of the room, will ultimately lead to the covenant. This chamber, where the covenant can be found, is formed by a natural cavity within the limestone below the Great Pyramid.

On the eastside of the Great Pyramid are located three smaller satellite pyramids, known as the Queen;s pyramids, so named as they were believed to be associated with the wives of the Pharaoh Khufu. The middle pyramid of these three lies on the line that precedes the chamber of the Covenant, which in fact is located under the adjacent southern pyramid known as Horus, or Isis. It is this room that is accessed from within the hidden chamber via the Grand Gallery. The passageway leading from this hidden chamber to the inner room is shown inside the Great Pyramid by the presence of the WELL, both in its method of entry as well as its exit. That is, the doorway leading out to the horizontal subterranean chamber. All of these measurement and markings are incorporated into the Great Pyramid's overall design.

Further evidence demonstrating that this had to be constructed in this manner is the shadow of the small black pyramid, which gave us the date of Dec 21st, is showing the sun sets in the West, not in the North. By moving the side of the small black pyramid to the east face of the Great Pyramid the shadow would then fall in an Easterly direction.

The coffer