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Welcome to the Gower Prepper Podcasts

In this section, you will find all the links and subject contents that we discuss on the Podcasts

General Preparedness

This Podcast, with guest Andrew Price of Dryad Bushcraft, will discuss the general methods, tips and advice on preparedness on all emergencies, whether man-made or natural.

Follow the links to each emergency below for full details on how to prepare.
For the complete list of all preparedness areas go to the main home page

We also discuss the upcoming (Sunday April 23) Emergency Alert test system by the UK government.

UK GOV emergency alert test announcement

Disaster emergency kit

Tornado Preparation

Hurricane preparedness

Cold Weather Preparation

Cold Weather Prepping

Andrew Price Dryad Bushcraft

Paraffin stoves from the Wick shop

Alternate lighting - oil and hurricane lamps -Video

Stoves A buying Guide

Seasoning and storing Firewood

1973-4 Power Blackouts - shortage of candles Video

UK Blackouts 1970's Movietone Video

21 left over Pumpkin receipes

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