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Site contents and easy reference guide for quick access to all our articles and links 

Below you will find a collation of all our articles and links referenced on our SOS site.
This will be updated on a regular basis for quick and easy reference.
Each link will open in a new browser window

Backdoor survival - Gaye Levy

Blog - emergency disaster preparations

Bug out Bags - see also Supply caches

Children in Disasters Helping Children After a Natural Disaster: Information for Families and Educators

Cold weather preparation

Community contact (a new project to organise a centre in Canada)

Disaster Blog - Natural disaster Recovery in College

Disaster Plan

Disaster Supply Kit

Disaster Recovery and How to plan for it

Earthquake Preparedness

Earth shelters - Digging in for Comfort by Kelly Hart of Green home building (word Doc)

Emergency Disaster organisations and agencies world-wide

Emergency preparedness General overview

blue Med - Are You Ready? An In-Depth Guide to Emergency Preparation

Fire safety - Kids Fire Safety Guide - useful info for all the family

Flooding Preparedness

Forum - for survival and preparation discussion

Heat and light - alternate sources

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Watch

'JERICHO' EVENT - Are you prepared

Katrina Publications

Latest events and updates

Links - useful resources

Long-term survival

Long-term survival useful links

Magazine - Bi-monthly

Monthly articles

NBC Preparedness - Nuclear, Biological and Chemical

Pets in disasters

Planning and preparedness for disasters

Preparation & safety awareness guide for travellers Post card Insurance

Prepper Radio - hosting shows on survival, preparedness and sustainable living

Primal Survivor - USA

Publications on general preparedness

Publications - outdoor survival

Safe locations

Schools - emergency Preparedness and response

Schools and colleges recovering from a natural disaster

Seasoned Citizen Prepper

Senior Emergency Preparedness for senior citizens.... (Thanks to Peyton Clarkson for the heads up to this very useful site)

Seed storage

Students - Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness for Students

Storm and emergency safety guide for kids - thanks to Abigail Lynwood and her Girls' scout troop for the heads up to this site

Supply caches - see also Bug out Bags

Survival - short term

Survival -Long-term

Tornado Preparation

Tsunami preparation

Vehicles in winter see SOS November 2005 magazine issue - pdf

Volcanic eruption preparedness

Water storage

Wheat storage

Weather Daily Global weather round up of Severe and unusual global weather

Monthly articles


The following articles appear in the magazine

Alternate methods and sources of Heat and light:

Publication reviews

Short Term survival advice for the initial short term preparation period

Emailsafe survival