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Saturday 4 November 2017 Swansea South Wales

Emergency Preparedness


How to prepare and survive a Catastrophe


One-day workshop


Do you know how to prepare for a major disaster?


With the increasing extreme weather conditions, solar activity and the many world-wide conflicts, this one-day preparedness workshop will provide you and your family the knowledge and confidence to safely prepare for most disasters, both natural and man-made


Date…Saturday 4 November 2017

Venue…Asclepius Therapy 33a Walters Road

 Swansea SA1 5NW


(Above ‘Munch box’ café)

Time 10am – 5pm  cost £8


Further information





Payable via PayPal to
Alternate payments please email for details

Emergency Preparedness Workshop



Saturday 4 November 2017

Venue…Asclepius Therapy 33a Walters Road

 Swansea SA1 5NW

(Above ‘Munch Box’ café)

Time 10am – 5pm





10am – 11.00              Introductions and overview of the workshop; Types of emergencies and disasters we may encounter, both man-made and natural


11.00 – 11.20              Coffee/Tea break provided


11.20 – 12.45              Make a plan – How to recognise the ‘symptoms’ of impending events; ‘Fight or flight’ the pros’ and cons’ of staying in your location or evacuate to a ‘safe’ location?


12.45 – 13.30              Lunch (Either bring your own lunch or there are a few cafes in the area)Tea/coffee is provided


13.30 – 14.45              Preparedness for natural events: Storms, earthquakes and volcanic activity, floods, solar activity (EMP – Electromagnetic pulse) temperature extremes: Recognise the signs.


15.00 – 16.15              Preparedness for man-made events: Nuclear (EMP air burst) Biological and Chemical – recognise the signs


16.15 – 17.00              Questions and answer session and discussions


The above is a guide only and subject areas may change to suit interest



Course provider Howard Middleton-Jones


Contact: Mob: 07855268608

Twitter #desertmonk




Emergency Preparedness workshop Registration form

Note : Cost of workshop is £6 not £10 as in the registration form - forms should be emailed about a week before the workshop so we have a rough idea of numbers - thanks

Howard's Bio related to survival and preparedness

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