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Nuclear - Biological - Chemical preparedness

General advice and preparedness in the event of accidental or organised/contrived NBC scenarios

One of my forthcoming preparedness articles was to be on the subject of what to do in the event of a nuclear, Bio or chemical “attack”. When I mean “attack” this could cover a multitude of scenarios;


  • Accidental spillage or explosive detonation
  • So called “terrorist” attack
  • Incidents from within

No matter what one’s personal beliefs on contrived or real terror alerts, the point is when we do experience the real thing, we have to be ready and prepared.


Because of recent “chatters” and information from various reliable sources concerning upcoming “live” threat exercises involving possible nuclear or chemical agents, I have collated a few links and articles for initial reading.


Over the coming weeks, I will add to this section to assist you in your understanding and preparedness of nuclear, bio and chemical scenarios.


An interesting publication, and available in part, is


No Such Thing as Doomsday - By Philip L. Hoag - available at:::


No Such Thing as Doomsday

The Nuclear attack on Sheffield 1984 film 'Threads' - very realistic

Nuclear war survival skills Free online book Cresson H. Kearny With Foreword by Dr. Edward Teller

World Health Organisation - advice on Nuclear, Biological and Chemical incidents

Ready Gov - Nuclear Blast

The above links will open in a new browser window, leaving this original page on your screen.