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This page is especially for you to add in your local environmental/conditions - or any important news..

E-mail me to include your updates

Howard MJ

Join and contact our safe survival forum

Anyone with urgent news or information received, please post on our survival forum group above. This will be the first point of contact.
There are many folks there that have experience in many fields and will be able to check and obtain further information in order to disseminate the info and offer advice.

In addition, keep an eye on this section for details on a proposed "meeting" and preparedness centre  where it is intended to purchase a section of land and set up an environmental preparedness and survival centre.
Currently, we are looking at two possible areas in Manitoba, Canada.
More details of progress over the winter period.
Anyone willing to assist or discuss our proposed venture, please e-mail us.

August Update:
For further information on the Centre Please link to CEAPSOS (Centre for Environmental Awareness, Preparedness and Safe Outdoors Survival)
More updates over the autumn.