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UPDATE September 2022 - due to further interest this site will continue once more! This site began in December 2000, so this year in December 2024, we are 24 years old! It is one of the longest running of its type on the Internet - let's hope we can continue.....

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NEW....Our first prepper broadcast

Beredskap The Gower Prepper

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Beredskap The Gower Prepper

September UK Preparedness month 2022 now extended to December

To celebrate our 22nd year on the Internet, I have added a new regular section, 'Homesteading Preparedness' - please check it out

The Domesday Clock - Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - now.....100 Seconds to midnight

During the current Ukraine-Russia crisis I have made the DEFCON warning system available on the front page

Safe survival blogspot

UK storm centre

Lightning strikes maps and storms real time

Blitzortug real time lightning and thunderstorms

Current Volcanic activity - Volcano Discovery

Earthquake 3D Live Feed

Current earthquake activity - IRIS seismic monitor

Earthquakes world wide EMCS

Earthquake activity in Euro-Mediterranean area EMCS

NEXLAB Satellite and radar College du plage

Global severe weather information

RSOE EDIS Global emergency incidents real time map

Magic seaweed storm tracking and surf

Global storm watch - live data

Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System

NASA world view satellite imagery real time

Tropical Storm Risk TSR - forecasts of global storms

Accuweather notifications of weather alerts in your area

Hurricane and Storm Watch

SEVERE WEATHER AND TORNADO WARNINGS - Current tornado alerts and map

TORNADO INTERACTIVE MAP - Underground weather

Lightning maps - view where current lightning storms are located

Live Global map of wind, weather and ocean conditions

Live IRIS Seismic monitor

Current and recent GLOBAL earthquakes USGS

Global GSN Heliplots - seismograms

Euro - Mediterranean earthquakes - CSEM - EMSC

UK earthquake recent events and data

Tsunami warnings and Tsunami Preparation

Current volcano activity

Global - Atlantic 10 day weather forecast

Atlantic Satellite maps - Accuweather local weather

Ventusky - weather forecast UK Atlantic ocean - storms, rain cloud, wind speed, pressure

Atlantic Ocean Satellite Map

North Atlantic weather satellite storm surf data

Met office storm tracker

Metcheck UK rain radar

Infra red satellite images UK - Ireland


Blu-Med Emergency Preparation Guide - Are You Ready? An In-Depth Guide to Emergency Preparation

Senior Emergency Preparedness for senior citizens.... (Many thanks to Peyton Clarkson for the heads up to this very useful site)

Emergency Preparedness Storage Guide - Thanks to the Jennings BSA Troop 325, for giving me the heads up on this site

DEFCON warning system

To join in the preparedness chat lounge scroll down to bottom of this page

During the current Hurricane season follow the updates, news and advisories here

Solar activity: Follow live updates and live streaming satellite data on our sister site

UK winter cold weather alerts - check in regularly to keep an eye on any cold weather alerts and updates

Swansea - South Wales UK - Mumbles Head weather information


Welcome to the Safe Survival and Disaster preparedness site
  Please follow the links on the side menu and the information posted below

A to Z of all articles, links and organisations on safe survival site

Keep posted and up to date with live global seismic activity

Keep updated by joining our free preparedeness forum - see below  

Safe Survival and Preparedness forum updated

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Join our forum to share your news and experiences and to find out how you can prepare for current and future disasters


Your one pit stop for all preparedness and survival advice for natural and man-made disasters - short and long term survival and backwoods/homestead living

Link here for the latest live streaming audio weather reports in your area in USA

Link here for live streaming for weather reports - just choose your area to hear the latest adio report..courtesy of wunderground weather


You will find many interesting links for safe survival preparations under all circumstances and survival in general, in addition to useful tips and guidelines.

These are just a few of the subjects that are covered:

Safe survival preparation for families and individuals

Outdoor survival including emergency preparedness 
Water safety
Natural disasters preparation
Alternative green home building
Alternate heat and light
Homestead-Backwoods living

Varying articles concerning the outdoors will be posted at regular intervals, so please be sure to check the updates as often as you can. In the meantime, feel free to trek and scramble through this site making the most of the many useful links.

RSOE Global Havaria Interactive Emergency and Disaster information (hosted from Hungary)


Mid Atlantix WX - one stop for all Mid Atlantic severe weather and storm warnings

SOS Preparedness online magazine

Safe Survival - Preparedness CD-ROM available soon

RSS news feed from the BBC UK - science and nature -

RSS BBC news front line

Latest earthquake activity

Mail S O S for further info

Community Contact
I have added a community page for you to include your local important updates/local conditions etc...

Community contact

LATEST - SAFE SURVIVAL BOOK -Under construction
A book and CD-ROM based on the content of this site and much more, is now under construction. Please link to SOS Book and CD for further information

Safe Survival magazine latest update


You can die in as little as three minutes without air. Think.

You can die in as little as three hours from loss of body heat. Shelter, starting with your clothes and working outward should be given highest priority.

You can die in as little as three days without water. Carry it. Know how to find it. Know how to make it as safe as possible to drink.

You can die in as little as three weeks without food. But most people in fact, can live much longer without eating. Pack a little extra food, but keep the more critical factors foremost in mind.


A sheet of light plastic approximately 10 feet square for shelter

An emergency space blanket

About 50 feet of light nylon cord for shelter construction

A roll of cold weather tape. Tape will hold the plastic and space blanket (shiny side toward you) together and secure both to the cord to create a low lean-to. Face the lean-to away from wind. (With a fire out front, a lean-to lined with space blankets becomes a toaster oven, and you are the toast.)

Waterproof/windproof matches

Firestarter or if nothing else, carry a candle

A whistle or signal mirror or both

A small emergency flashlight

A metal cup that can be used to heat water or melt snow

Some high-energy, long-lasting food

Emergency communication mail/broadcast system operating soon..keep an eye out...!!

Preparedness chat

Link to Emergency Preparedness on the side menu index page for a complete rundown on Emergency Survival planning.
On-going updates daily.


Practical Ideas for Self Reliant Living.
Click on the cover to enter the site....

This is an American based magazine and one that I have chosen for my readers to scan as one of the most useful on the market.


Mail SOS


Audio playing is a sampler from The Doors - Riders of The Storm

Riders of the storm